16.00       Arrival time

18.15        Social 10km headtorch run with one of our qualified leaders.

19.45       Dinner

21.00       Adventure Film night with fireside chat with one of our guest athletes.



07.00-08.00    Yoga for running/hiking & flexibility

08.30-09.30    Breakfast

10.30 - Choice between.;

Option 1 - Long run/ fast packing day with our lead guide David founder of Peakrunners who will take you on a journey deep into the fells with breathtaking views gnarly ascents & fast flowing downhills through some of the most magical pine forests you’ll ever see! This will be a steady social pace with plenty of breaks and lot’s of history to be taken in throughout the day, your fitness needs to be at a fairly good level as we’ll be out most of the day! Plus we’ll get the chance to test out some of the latest trail running shoes and kit!

Option 2 - If you fancy a bit more of a shorter run this might be for you, with a steady paced run through some beautiful pine forests and around the famous Dambuster reservoirs. Returning back to base for some well earned lunch and then one of our experts will take you through some Nordic walking/running techniques through the beautiful Derwent Valley.

16.30-17.30         Mindset & tips and tricks for the Trails

19.00-20.00        Dinner

20.30                 Adventure film night and fireside chat with one of our guest athletes.

                          Night option: Guided headtorch run around the valleys and surrounding fells.


07.00-0800              Yoga for running/hiking and flexibility

08.30-09.30             Breakfast

10.30                         Option 1; Head out into the hills for a much inspired hike taking in multiple summits and                                   exploring some of the most famous hills in the Peaks, don’t worry today will just be                                           hiking so everyone can take in the beauty! Afterwards we’ll head to the cafe/pub for                                       final drinks and goodbyes and take away memories that will last a lifetime.

                                 Option 2: A fun packed day mountain biking around the Upper Derwent valleys and                                         visiting some magical peaks before meeting up with the other group for drinks and                                       goodbyes.